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Auntie Lainey to everyone!" 

A wee update for Winter 2022!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by, Mum, big sisters, people who feel obliged to read. I appreciate all 5 or so, of you. Rarely write anything on here but it's funny because every time I do I really enjoy it, even if it is just to take stock of what's been going on recently, which has been A LOT! Although in the wider context of the country and the world; the missing logic and unpredictable occupancy of some *ahem* 'high-profile households' a 'calm among the chaos' approach can be helpful, if not always the easiest to achieve.  On the topic of keeping calm and being still, blogging is also one of the only sedentary activities that I do and the rare time I sit on my bum for any length of time so if you want to sit on your bum too, and have a read, then fab! That will be the last of the bum chat, for now. was born in January 2021- a wee bit of a lockdown project complimenting a self-development course I was doing- of course I went there! Never immune to people pleasing and FOMO and realising that everyone seemed to have 'a goal' and I didn't, I made one. Analyse that if you must... Totally not mocking self-development, by the way. I'm still in touch with all 15 of the wonderful women that I did the course with and we all connect and support each other tonnes and I am forever grateful for the opportunity. We actually proudly call ourselves a coven. May as well get my weirdness out the way from the off, eh? If you know me personally you probably know I'm a bit weird anyway.  I am damn proud of my wee coven and there's just something amazing about connecting with totally impartial, detached people about things that come up in your life and theirs. Through another online group I also met a woman who lives in Australia and we chat and voice note most weeks.  Not just in it for holidays promise. There's something cool about being on the other side of the world from someone: her night is my morning, her Autumn, my Spring- sounds quite poetic. It's just cool! Don't know why, but to me, it is. Maybe I won’t be saying that as Scotland delves into the bleak winter months and she's living it up on the beach but I'll honestly be happy for her *grits teeth*. Seriously though, I do love seasons and the change, growth and excitement they bring, so me and my cosy knits are ready. “The cold never bothered me anyway!” Hmm…

I am definitely not lacking a support network. In fact, I could form an army (a peaceful one of course). This is the constant source of gratitude and stability in my life and something I will never take for granted. I guess what I am getting at is that there is ALWAYS someone there for you and connection to be found anywhere and everywhere and sometimes in the least likely places. It might be someone you know or someone you don't (yet)!  Just be open to it.

SO, THE BLOG! I'd love to say I've looked after and nurtured 'my baby' since I brought it into this world but I'm afraid I've been a somewhat absent mother. Too busy having fun, acquiring new wee people to call me auntie. Sister had another baby FYI I'm not just out on the street 'adopting' nieces and nephews, that's kinda frowned upon.  Also have a new(ish) boyfriend/bidey-in* who comes with pet cat (who I sometimes prefer, shhhh!) included. Oh, and a new job... Bloody hell this has been A LOT!  

Another reason why I find writing be so rewarding is you can just step back and think WOW! Well, let's face it sometimes it's more like f***ing hell!!! but let's keep it PG. That ‘WOW’ can point you in many directions. Whether it’s realising you deserve a break as it’s been A LOT, realising you have achieved something that you didn’t count as worthy, but on reflection it damn well is or just spewing your guts on the page and feeling the ‘WOW’ of emotion and catharsis afterwards. You are the WOW and the WOW is yours so let it come to you. I so often say, "I'm not a creative person" or "I'm not a writer" but really, what does that even mean? Surely anyone and everyone is and can be. I mean here I am creating something and writing.  Simple as that.

Labels and defined boxes are so 'blah' anyway! Introvert? Extrovert? Loud? Shy? Sociable? A loner? YAWN! Why choose? Why do we have to categorise ourselves and other people? Everyone is complex, multi-dimensional and wonderfully weird and everyone should feel free to express themselves however they like. In fact, when you do, it often allows others to do the same.  Life's too short, full, fun and exciting to choose and stay in an assigned box.

So, why is the blog called Auntie Lainey? Being an auntie is the most amazing, fulfilling part of my being. It is my proudest job and what instantly spung to mind when asked in my recent (successful) job interview: “What are you most proud of?". No hesitation or over-thinking and I didn't come out wishing I had said something really 'professional' as it was just me, real, in that moment. The real, uncensored, unfiltered moments can be the best- although proceed with caution adopting this approach to all interview questions.  


Anyway, enough rambling on…plenty of that in the ‘blog’ section if you’re a glutton for punishment or feel obliged because I’m your daughter, pal, girlfriend… You WILL be quizzed and the Christmas presents you receive will represent the attention to detail you have paid. Just kidding, like everyone else in the world...I'm SKINT!

​Look out for more rants, bants and self-deprecating humour coming right up!

Auntie Lainey xxx

*bidey-in. Scottish term for a live in lover (boak) or common law spouse. 

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