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Auntie Lainey's 'Sustainability Hacks' group!

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Sharing my first lot of 'sustainability hacks'! This is really just random ramblings of cool things I've seen, tried or am keen to explore further.

(Disclaimer: This may be a little 'Scotland/West Lothian centric' but it should give everyone, wherever they are, an idea of something similar that may be happening in their corner of the world or maybe they can be inspired to create something.)

So, in the first instance I intend to just list some of the more niche ways that we can be a bit more sustainable and smart. I've tried to list schemes that perhaps not everyone has heard of!

Periods- Get it out the way! Which is how I feel about it most months. No one feels good on their period (if you do I'm insanely jealous) but what if your environmentally conscious mind and your purse could feel 'period positive'? Scotland has become the first country in the WORLD to make period products free and available to all who need them- a HUGE achievement for a wee country! Check out if you can order some free period products in your area and if you aren't in Scotland why not check out these sustainable, 'cheaper in the long run' alternatives? As a personal reflection, I used a Mooncup during this month's cycle for the first time. I have to confess I got this for free almost 2 years ago and I had reservations about using it and in all honestly I was just a bit lazy to even take it out of the box and read the instructions. Anyway, I found it comfortable and did 2 forms of exercise while using one- running and yoga and it stayed put with no leaks or discomfort! It's also really handy that you don't need to rely on all bathrooms having a bin or the embarrassing side shuffle out the bathroom to slyly find one if it doesn't. Click on the pictures for alternative, less mainstream sanitary products and please feel free to let me know any ones that you know about.

If you're in West Lothian, Scotland (like me), you can order reusable products and menstrual cups using this from Hey Girls Period Packs - West Lothian Council Survey ( I'm sure there is an equivalent in your area and if you're in a country where period poverty is still an issue why not campaign to follow Scotland's lead? I have to confess that feels nice (and a wee bit smug) to say!

💡Top tip- Check if your workplace/place of study/club that you are a member of, can provide products to you, a lot of companies are proactively doing this which is great!

Recycling- This is different in so many areas and there is a lot of the info widely publicised by people way more clued up than me. For that reason, I am just going to share some more niche/pretty cool schemes. You could be the first in your friendship group doing this and remember loving the planet is so in right now (and hopefully always)! Click on the images to find out more:

I have recently appealed to 2 local pharmacies in Bathgate to ask them to sign up to this scheme...I'll keep you posted on this! Why not see if you have a collection point near you or appeal to pharmacies to create one? Whilst litter picking recently, I seen a tonne of tablet packets and there must be so many binned or sadly thrown away daily. It's a random one but also could be a really good thing for you to do for your community and your local pharmacist might be grateful for encouraging some foot flow into their premises, alongside a good reputation for being innovative and caring about the planet.

Litter-picking- Why not arrange a litter picking event for your family and friends? Check out my own event last month inspired by my 5 year old niece Orla

The beautiful version of Wonderful World which features on this video was recorded especially for the event by singer and my good pal Scott McGill, check out his fantastic album here.

Click on the image of me and Orla to view the Facebook event which has passed but will give you some ideas on how to conduct this safely (particularly with COVID restrictions), as well as some other super cute pics.

💡Top tip- our local council will collect bags of litter if you place them next to a council bin and email a specified email address the location, why not check out if there's something similar in your area? A good place to start is a local litter picking group. They know EVERYTHING and are super helpful and friendly!

Trolley Recycling- Random one (again), but so am I! Click on this pic for info on how you can arrange collection of any trolleys you find on your outdoor adventures and get them back to their trolley families! There's even a league on the app for trolleys collected if you like a bit of competition!

Make up recycling- Only I could flawlessly (pun absolutely intended) move from trolleys to make up! So for this one, it's time to finally part with the blue and lilac eyeshadows which are lurking in the depths of your make up bag. There are many of these make up recycling stations all over the country, my local Tesco has one. Click on the image to find out more about the scheme and the location of your local one. Good excuse for a cosmetics COVID clear-out (BIG fan of alliteration)

Bin your bra - Yip, you heard right! Find out how you can support this amazing charity and recycle your bras for a good cause. We've all got those embarrassing grey, ancient numbers which should never again see the light of day (getting 'Aladdin- cave of wonders' vibes reading that back so absolutely leaving it in!)

AND while you're at it why not CoppaFeel at the same time? Oh, and men...that includes pecks! Click on the image to find out more about this amazing charity!

So, there we have it! The very first, (might end up being the only) post in Auntie Lainey's 'Sustainable Hacks' group. Check out my blog piece, Love The Planet (to your advantage) for more of my current practices and attempts including minimising food waste and purchasing ethical clothing. If ou use any of my tips I' be so grateful if you could add a comment or event drop me a message on social media with #auntielainey. Most of the above schemes, apps and ideas have been discovered mindlessly scrolling through social media or wandering about my local supermarket so why not have a look around and see what other schemes are going on and share them in this group. Thank you for reading and trying (like I am too). Here's me, this weekend in my 2 brand new T-shirts from ethical clothing company Mother Nature Clothing Co. I try not to purchase a lot of clothes nowadays but you know what?...I wanted a treat and that is absolutely fine! Don't be too hard on yourself and please remember that Climate Anxiety is an issue which sadly affects people nowadays so cut yourself some slack and celebrate your wins! Also, when it's butterflies, love hearts and flowers AND to support a friend's new business how could I resist?


This is my 'Sustainability Hacks' group and I very much hope...
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