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Auntie Lainey's 'Sustainability Hacks' group!

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Elaine Shepherd
March 6, 2021 · changed the group description.

This is my 'Sustainability Hacks' group and I very much hope that it can be a collaborative space where people share different ideas to help us all love and honour this beautiful planet that little bit more. I'm a self-confessed novice in this topic but I'm constantly thriving to learn more and I'd be delighted to hear what practices others' do and maybe I'll be able to highlight something to you too! I really want to prove that these conversations are for absolutely everyone and by starting small and celebrating what we DO do we can only get better. I believe that this can be achieved through sharing ideas as if each person adopts or even just thinks about just one other person's idea then I'd say that's a success.

I intend to highlight some of the more niche ways that you can live a sustainable lifestyle, help out, have fun and even make or save money while doing it.

Celebrate your wins. Challenge yourself to do better but be compassionate towards yourself and others.

You may not be able to change the world but you can start in your wee corner!


This is my 'Sustainability Hacks' group and I very much hope...
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